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About Mary Beth

Mary Beth Albright is a national food attorney, writer and commentator. Her decades of public health experience provide deep food-systems knowledge for her clients. She is a regular contributor to National Geographic on international food issues and brings her written work to life on Washington's WTOP radio and various broadcast news programs.

Her passion for real, good food grew from 15 years of work with her mentor, the legendary Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, discovering that food equals health. She worked with subsequent Surgeons General, managing 12 nationwide employees for a White House initiative. An elected member of Les Dames d'Escoffier, Mary Beth continues to work for a more sustainable food system through Local Feast, her boutique food-consulting practice. She started her legal career at the DC firm of Williams & Connolly upon graduating from Georgetown Law cum laude. Previously, Mary Beth was Morton Kondracke's research assistant at Roll Call, the oldest Capitol Hill newspaper.


Mary Beth has worked with the following organizations and individuals to improve food's central role in life and community:

US House of Representatives Preschool

Safeway, Inc.

McCormick Spice Co.

Chef Art Smith


Mary Beth was a finalist on Food Network Star, where she "talked so well about food, she made us fall more in love with food." An avid cook focused on creative uses of what's on hand, both seasonally and in the pantry, Mary Beth was DC Magazine’s Food Critic from 2007-2012 and contributed as a National Food, Wine & Travel Correspondent for Forbes Travel Guide.

She is a "well-rounded food person," according to the James Beard Foundation and her work and experience is as diverse as her client list. From opening a popup restaurant as part of an innovative government relations strategy to forming non-profit organizations for chefs, Mary Beth works with Public Relations campaigns that truly speak to the powerful-and growing-food world. 

Mary Beth regularly gives speeches and aappears on panels, both as a moderator and an expert, with newsmakers on topics from food-centric urban development, to food diplomacy, to food movies. Contact her at


Kaiser Permanente

The Smithsonian Institution

Sabra Dipping Company

US Department of State

US Surgeon General's Office 

US Personal Chef Association


Sample pieces By Mary Beth

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“Food touches everything-the environment, city planning, health, transportation, technology-and our strategies must cross disciplines.



Mary Beth's service to Washington and beyond includes board membership for the Workers of St. Albans, which funds local and international microgrants and significant funding for a school in South Sudan. In 2015, she chaired the National Cathedral Elementary School's Scholarship Fund, providing more than half a million dollars. 

Her food expertise is sought regularly for competitions, including the time she ate 2,000 foods in three days to judge the Specialty Food Association awards. 

Mary Beth lives in Washington, DC with her husband Craig and eight-year-old son Truman, who wants to know if you want to talk about baseball.



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